Show Brags


Why should it matter to pet buyers that breeder shows?   It keeps the breeder on track to keep striving to produce quality Cavaliers that adhere to the standard.  If your attracted to a Cavalier, that is what you want that adorable puppy to grow up to look like.  We only breed to produce show dogs for ourselves and a few on co-ownerships, however very few puppies make the cut to go on to be show dogs, some are just to soft natured, others markings may not be perfect, however they make perfect pets.  We do not kennel any of our dogs, they all live in the house with us, and we can only keep so many   Breeders should not be breeding just to produce more puppies and make money, they should only be breeding to better the breed.  If  a breeder doesn't show they have no idea where they are headed as compared to the standard.  We support our dogs, not the other way around