About Us

We have been breeding and showing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels since 2000.

We are working on combining the best of the European dogs with the American lines.  We have 15 years of health testing in on our mother dogs.  We offer one of the longest and best health guarantees available.  We have confidence in our dogs health, not just for that first year or two but five years on the hearts and a lifetime on SM.

None of our dogs are kenneled ,they live in the home with us we only have three breeding females so litters are few and far between. 

  Our breeding plan is to produce exceptional Cavaliers for the show ring while striving to produce the healthiest dogs we can.  All of our breeding dogs are tested annually for hearts, bi annually for eyes.  Our last heart check which was in November of 2015  every one was checked by the Cardiologist and they were all fine, five  generations of Always Cavaliers and heart clear