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We are located in beautiful Homosassa Florida, on the Gulf Coast


Sorry, no puppies available at this time, possible litter in late 2018



We are small show breeders, producing quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  Sired by AKC Champions, hearts checked annually by board certified Cardiologists.  We also test  hips (OFA) eyes (CERF) and patella's.  Cavaliers are the only type of dog that we breed. We only produce a  litter or two a year for show prospects so puppy availability is limited.  Our latest heart checks were done at the Ocala Florida Clinic in fall of 2016

Here at Always Cavaliers we breed true to the Cavalier Standard producing individuals that have the gorgeous head, soft expressions, silky coat and loving outgoing dispositions so important to the breed.  They are truly a Royal Spaniel with hearts of gold.  Health is also a major concern here, beauty without health is worthless. 

All of our dogs are raised and live in our home, they are our much loved  companions above all else.  Puppies are born in our home  we do have have any kennel facilities.  We are located in Homosassa Florida where the dogs and puppies have plenty of room to play and lots of clean fresh ocean  air.  Puppies come with a written health guarantee, they are current on all inoculations, and have been examined at least once by our veterinarian. 

Our puppies are sold with  with a neuter or spay agreement.  We only sell to approved homes, our dogs and puppies are very special to us and we want to make sure that they go to the special home they deserve  

If your are interested in obtaining an Always Cavaliers puppy, you can
use the form below  or you can give me a call at
This is a labor of love for us, we wait until the puppies are born and are old enough to have an evaluation as to conformation and disposition before we offer them for adoption  to new  homes.  We support our dogs... not the other way around.  

We offer a five year guarantee on hearts MVD  and a lifetime guarantee on SM I have four generations of Cavaliers and I do not have one that is showing any signs of SM.  Your welcome to call me at (352) 697-0971. I am always glad to talk about our "kids" or the breed in general if you have any questions.  All of dogs in our breeding program are current on heart and eye checks for certificates please look here